Owing to many years of research and testing conducted by leading experts, know-how has been developed and introduced into production - oils with a Z-effect.The Z-effect is implemented into UNZER oils and is manifested in the improvement of antiwear properties of oils and reduction of its oxidation processes while the engine is running. The Z-effect is to prevent wear and tear of rubbing parts when their surface already has a partial or full contact with each other. Under conditions of semifluid and boundary friction on the metal surface, i.e. at the time of engine start-up and at maximum loads, the Z-effect promotes the formation of a special additional protective layer.The Z-effect is activated under the influence of three factors: temperature, friction and pressure, and is formed in the form of an additional protective layer of elements of special protective molecules.The Z-effect reduces wear and tear of parts and prevents them from adhesion in critical situations, when the bearing capacity of the oil wedge is minimal and the oil film ruptures and engine parts lack without the right amount of lubricant.The Z-effect of UNZER oils improves the oxidative stability and anticorrosive properties of lubricants, and helps to extend the working lifespan of the oil by eliminating oil oxidation processes that occur at high temperatures, preventing a chemical reaction between oil and air oxygen. Due to a specially developed Z-effect, UNZER oils prevent the gumming, appearance of carbon deposits on the pistons and valves of the car engine and the formation of black sludge in the oil itself, as well as reduce corrosion. The Z-effect helps to slow down the aging process of the oil and extends its working lifespan, which allows You to increase the intervals between oil changes in Your car. When using UNZER engine oils with a special Z-effect, you can be sure of the reliable protection of your engine under various operating conditions, during the cold start stage at low and high temperatures. The innovative development of introducing the Z-effect in the production of UNZER brand engine oils is aimed not only at increasing the reliability of engine oil, but also at obtaining an additional economic effect. Namely, it ensures saving on fuel consumption by reducing friction in the engine, saving on increasing the interval between oil changes due to the lack of deposits in the engine, saving on the absence of the need to repair the engine by reducing its wear.